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You’ll be surprised to discover that it doesn’t take much to play the real estate investing game once you’re dedicated to it. With the help of Justin Foster, we’ll understand more of how real estate investing works.

Through his experiences, we’ll see how he started his fix and flipper days, the importance of having a reliable real estate investor as a partner, and his future views about Oklahoma real estate and other states in the country. With this interview, we’ll learn more about what it takes to make your mark in the real estate investing industry. The answer, as provided by Justin Foster, might surprise you!


01:59 – Justin Foster talks about his life before real estate

05:55 – Justin recalls on how he became an accidental landlord

08:05 – He mentioned his strategy for rental properties

09:51 – The breakthrough moment of deciding to quit his job and risking it to the real estate industry

13:13 – Rodney and Justin talks about finding a reliable business partner in the real estate industry

16:42 – Separating and delegating tasks to make the partnership work

20:43 – Justin Foster talks about the future and possibilities of the real estate industry in the next 12 years

25:19 – Rodney discusses about the population migration from the East to the West Coasts

29:03 – He talks about what an ideal life looks and feels like

30:03 – Justin Foster discusses the importance of having funds for retirement

33:34 – What entrepreneurship is all about

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This interview is among the many videos that HARD MONEY PARTNER will provide its viewers who aspire to make it big in the real estate industry. We want you to watch, learn and try all of the concepts mentioned by the successful and influential individuals in the field of real estate investing.

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