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Hard Money Lenders in Oklahoma City

Hard Money Partner is a local hard money lender in Oklahoma City offering fast and flexible real estate financing to Oklahomans in Oklahoma City metro. We’re also your go-to hard money lender in Tulsa.
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An ipad, iphone, and a book, all with text "7 steps to guarantee hard money loan approval"

7 Steps To Guaranteed Hard Money Loan

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Rodney Miller Hard Money Lender Partner
Hello, my name is Rodney Miller, and I am a full-service hard money lender serving Oklahoma City and Tulsa. I help local real estate investors fix and flip properties, cash out on investment properties, or buy commercial buildings in OKC or Tulsa. I offer a variety of flexible loan terms to get you the hard money you need fast. We’re the best option when searching for fix and flip hard money lenders in Oklahoma City.
I’m currently a hard money lender in Oklahoma City, and I also work as a hard money lender in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
My cell phone is 405-204-1715. Call anytime!



Latest Blog Video

Ep. 16: Moving from South Africa to Real Estate Investing in the USA

This week on The Hard Money Partner Show, we welcome Carl Suverkrop to the show. Carl is a Dallas transplant from South Africa; he co-founded an electronic security company before his big move that focused on recurring contracts, which translated well into real estate. Within three months of moving to Dallas, Carl secured his first single-family home by partnering with a hard money lender. In this episode, Carl shares his experience in starting from scratch and leveling up to buying multi-family units within three years. He details the learning curves he tackled and paints a promising picture of what’s to come for his future investments.

Key Topics Discussed:
 Apartment business model in America differs from South Africa. Most development are either sold off townhome style or are owned by a handful of single investors
 Moving to the U.S. with green card and no social security, Carl found a money partner and owned a property within 3 months
 Difference between buying single and multi-family:
o Single family homes are easier to purchase and renovate, multifamily require more work, capital, and length of time to close
 Expanding a residential unit from 102 to 106

[00:00:00] Introduction to Carl Suverkrop
[00:01:14] Background on Carl
[00:05:44] The apartment business model in South Africa
[00:07:17] Transitioning into the U.S.
[00:12:41] Finding four duplexes with a money partner
[00:15:27] Getting into the business with no credit/money
[00:19:41] Deciding to move towards bigger units
[00:26:02] Learning curve between single family and multi family
[00:30:45] Stabilizing property
[00:35:08] Latest deals
[00:43:04] Expanding on commercials units
[00:49:03] Exit strategy
[00:51:47] Recap on deals
[01:01:10] Continued interest and education
[01:08:54] Connect with Carl

Connect with Carl:
 Website:
 Email:
 LinkedIn


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